Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Preparing for Autumn

The temperatures have dropped drastically around here over the last week and there are a few things around our household that need to be adjusted to prepare for the arrival of autumn.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

1. Swap my flip flops for ballet flats.
They sit at the back door so I can quickly scoot out with the dogs when they do their business and jamming my socked toes into flip flops is getting old.

2. Get some new socks
How have my socks worn thinner by sitting in the drawer?

3. Put away the gazebo canvas
Yes we need to get the gazebo frame naked.

4. Hem the curtains
We have basboard heaters in this house, under every window and my floor length living room curtains won't look so cute with scorch marks on them when the heat comes on... Still unsure of a solution without looking like dorky short curtains...

5. Dig out sweaters and jackets
Gone are the days of wearing a solitary t-shirt all day

6. Unpack autumn decor
More unpacking...

7. Get a hair cut
My hair has been growing for many months and I am not a blow dryer type gal so having really long wet locks is getting chilly. Need an easier to blow-dry style. ( This photo was before my last chop in March, it is even longer now)

8. Switch moisturizers
The lightweight summer stuff is not cutting it on the cooler weather.

9.  Dig out the slow cooker
Craving warm soups, stews and chilis

10. Dump the summer planter
My petunias have gone to a better place and their carcasses are just not that pretty.

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