Monday, May 25, 2009

Almost summer days...

call for iced capps! I just can't bear to pay the 3 bucks or whatever it is for these delicious frothy wonders so I pulled out my personal blender (one of my favourite kitchen appliances) and put this together.

homemade iced cappucino
1 cup skim milk
1 tsp instant coffee powder (or you could use a bit of brewed coffee if you had some leftover)
4 tsp sugar
4-6 ice cubes

Blend until slushy and frothy and enjoy.
This also has much less fat than the store bought variety so I can enjoy it with less guilt :)

p.s. for any of you reading this who know me and my strong reaction to caffeine and are concerned, I use decaf :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Come on in I've got a pot of tea on!

I'm back! I've really been neglecting the blog world but I guess that can be considered a good thing because it means my real world life has been busy.

I started a part-time job at the end of March which quickly became a full-time job and was too much and not what I had in mind. So now I'm back to cooking, cleaning and taking care of my hubby and the dogs. I like this life :)

My mom came to visit for 2 weeks and we had a great time, so glad our family has been able to visit as often as they have.

I booked our flights home for our trip this summer!! We're so excited having not been home for a year and a half now, we miss everyone muchly.

Wow, it's time to mow the lawn again, yikes, but that also means we get to spend more time outdoors. I love warm weather. We even went for hike last weekend with some friends and all our dogs, it feels so good to get out after a long winter.


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