Monday, July 14, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

I'm back...I haven't really been meal planning as my mom was up for a 2 week visit and bought lots of groceries while she was here, so we've slowly been cleaning out the fridge. I had to break down and go get some groceries on Saturday so I thought I would figure out what we'll be eating for the week.

I meal planned last week for a camping trip we took and though my husband thought I was crazy cooking before we left to take it with us rather than relying solely on the open fire pit, he was very impressed with our meals in the end. I'll post more about that later.

As always I'm sure the weeks meals won't go as planned particularly because we have a big festival in our town this weekend and work will probably call my husband away during supper time but hey a girl can dream can't she?!

Taco Salad using my friend Katie's recipe for homemade taco seasoning

Chickpea curry over basmati rice

BBQ pork sandwiches with green beens

Grilled Salmon with BBQ'd potatoes and salad

Thai Coconut Chicken with Sesame Chow Mein from some new Jean Paré cookbooks my mom sent me, thanks mom!

Leftover buffet

BBQ burgers with salad and homemade fries

For more great meal planning ideas visit Organizing Junkie


Micah and Katie said...

You rock!!! I hope you guys enjoy the taco seasoning. Also your butter curry chick pea dish looks yummy. I think that I might try that out as well.

We miss you guys sooooo much



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