Sunday, December 14, 2008

you know it's cold when...

1) The dogs who normally love to play outside only run out long enough to do their business then zoom back to the door waiting anxiously for me to open it.

2) The garage door begins to go up then creaks and proceeds to close itself. (a problem fixed when i scraped the ice off the cracks in the door)

3) The sliding glass door is frozen shut.

4)The furnace pumps continuously all day to maintain a liveable temperature.

5) The dogs hop on only 2 of their feet at a time while outside while the other 2 thaw.

6) The snow stays frozen to the car even at highway speeds.

So we're having a bout of really cold weather, not as cold as Winnipeg but cold nonetheless. I count anything below -15 C really cold. Then add a windchill and I practically go into hibernation mode.

The cold weather is good for getting things inside the house done. Such as putting up Christmas decorations perhaps. I think I'm going to do some baking today, I've been hankering some ginger something to have with my hot chocolate...mmm


Always and forever said...

Nome, I've just rediscovered your blog! Your menus look delicious. Katie and Anna got me started on this menu planning thing too. Everyone seems to be doing it, and it really does save on the grocery bill when you plan ahead, eh?
Thanks for the Christmas card, we send you our love and prayer!


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