Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling the wrong kind of crafty: Top Ten Tuesday

I've been feeling super crafty lately, like fabric crafty but I need more fabric...I wish I was feeling scrapbook paper crafty because I have a ton of scrapbook paper (thanks mom!) and then there would be more pages in my 14 month old's scrapbook than just the one of her baby shower from the summer of 2009.

Here are the top ten crafts that I have bookmarked to do. At some point. When I have more fabric. 

1. Rolled Flowers from Snazzie drawers (the tutorial link is in her right sidebar)

2. Fitted cloth diapers, haven't decided on a pattern as of yet but have been looking at several.

3. Dragon slippers, how cute are these!

5. Ruffle pillows for the living room, our bedroom, Isabel's room...

6. Wool soakers to cover the fitted diaper I make.

7. Yo-yo's would look great with some rolled flowers.

8. So what if it's a Valentine craft? A cute wreath is still a cute wreath right?

9. Leggings for Isabel with some flare.

10. A diaper sewing job I really actually NEED to do more then want.

Join the top ten fun with Amanda


michelle @ this little light said...

Oh my gosh, Naomi: love your blog. And those cupcakes on top? I just drooled. Yum!

ICStarz said...

Love the cupcakes and I'm crazy for Leggings!!!! <3 hehe

SM said...

I am also a "pro-craft-inator" (procrastinating crafter). I have tons of scrapbook paper, and millions of photos. All I need now is willpower!


Mariposa said...

It looks like we follow a lot of the same blogs! You have good taste. :)

melissa said...

i love this post! you gave some great links. i want to make the dragon slippers and the tree softies....goodness...the list goes on and on!!!


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