Friday, February 20, 2009

new colours

Over the years I've had a mullet, a super short pixie cut, long long hair, a perm, bangs, no bangs but (aside from one very unfortunate incident where I volunteered for a hair show and they botched up a blond dye job) I have been very tentative with hair colour. The cut is not the issue, I chopped my hair all off super short the day after prom just a week before graduation but cccccolour...eeek. I would think that I could do it, that I wanted a colour change but wandering the hair dye aisle I would always gravitate toward the semi-permanent-almost-my-natural-light-brown box. Well ladies, not anymore! No, this chick has stepped out.
That's right I have dark copper and violet streaks!! It is so much fun, why didn't I do this before?

Speaking of colour, we have been getting some work done on our Boler trailer. So far it is still a dingy white and yellow but not for long. We have fabric for cushions and curtains and my hubby made his first box cushion today! He did a fantastic job, I have begun working on the curtains and soon the paint will be applied. We're going for bright and cheery. It's exciting to have a project to be working on together and we are hoping to have it done so we can take our inaugural voyage in May. So if you don't hear from me I'll be with my sewing machine.

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Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

What a nice blog you have - and I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I look forward to reading more from you through Company Girls!

mholgate said...

Your hair is beautiful! I finally decided to go closer to my natural color so that it's not as glaringly evident when it grows out. My friends were shocked. Dark Chocolate brown with a red tint to it. What they don't realized since I've been coloring and highlighting my hair for so long, is that it really is a deep dark brown color!

Hair is such a funny thing!

Great to meet you!

Pink {Aloha Monkey} said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your hair is cute. I have problems coloring my hair: my color is jet black and tends to turn orange. Not very attractive.

Your blog is super cute too!

Have a great weekend.

Rachel Anne said...

Love the colors, LOVE the cut! I'm so jealous of your courage!

I'm a "highlight" girl...I hate it when they grow out :(. Now I'm trying to figure out if I should grow the length out...argh.

Can't wait to see your "finished" project! Great fabric choices.


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