Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top Ten Things to do on a Rainy Day

1. Finish some overdue sewing projects : as you can see I need to finish making the new curtains for the Boler these just had to go

2. Work on some craft projects that have been neglected: I need to make some birthday cards to have on hand since the mail takes a week to get to family at home or you could check out my friend katie's Etsy store

3. Write a letter: A lost art, and who doesn't love getting "real" mail??

4. Read a good book: I've been neglecting reading lately since I feel that there are other things I should be doing but there are so many good books out there...

5. Clean: grooooooan but it has to be done and it does feel nice to have a freshly cleaned kitchen/bathroom/ living room.

6. Redecorate: I like to do my mantel every now and then just for a lift I mean look at this

7. Do some baking: mmm muffins

8. Enjoy some tea: best when enjoyed with the above mentioned baking

9. Call a friend: next best thing to being able to visit in person

10. Visit a friend: in real life or the blogosphere

For more top tens visit Amanda


Blondie said...

mmm, muffins!!!

Clean? On a rainy day? I would be napping, although we had a monsoon today and there was nary a nap!

Storm said...

Wow... you are going to get a lot done on the next rainy day. Happy TT.


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