Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Top ten exciting things about this week:

1. We heard our baby's heartbeat at the Dr.'s office this morning and everything is progressing along smoothly, I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow! Which leads me to #2.

2. We called all of our friends and family to share the news today, it's so fun to share good news and hear the reactions (screaming, that's great, yay!, WHAAAAT?, that's so exciting, is it a cinnamon bun?) which results in #3

3. I don't have to suck in my"baby gut" anymore! (you know the flub that results from your insides being shifted around?)

4. I get to be pleasantly plump when we go home to visit in August. (not about this week, I realize that but hey)

5. I get to buy a new dress for a wedding in August. (also not about this week...)

6. Our anniversary is tomorrow, 3 years! My plan so far consists of crepes for breakfast, anything else would be great too, maybe a picnic.

7. I found a great gift for my sister at Winners yesterday, I just love Winners.

8. I got to go grocery shopping with my hubby today which was so nice since I always do the grocery shopping alone while he's at work.

9. I bought the ingredients for virgin mojitos, now I just need to get a mint plant so I can make them just a little more tasty. What an awesome summer drink.

10. I get to use the "please can we get slurpees/ice cream/other yummy treat? it's our anniversary" line tomorrow . Wish me luck!

go see Amanda for some more top tens


oh amanda said...

How fun! So fun to hear the baby's heartbeat and have an anniversary in the same week! Congrats!

oh amanda said...

ps--I LOVE your blog design. Adorable!!

Niki said...

I absolutley adore this - I went through the blog and read all the things you are greatful for. Many of them are very simple - but it is so true. Matt and my Dad put stairs on the other side of my step recently so I can go up and down on either side. I smile everytime I use them :)


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