Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WFMW: baby leg warmers

I have always thought baby leg warmers were so cute and now that I have a baby to put them on I just had to have some. I sew ( haha I totally just typed "I'm a sewer"...hahaha) so I set out to make some myself.
The first one I made following this tutorial but I was using adult knee socks and the cuff turned out too big for my baby's ankles. I did buy a pair of girls knee socks this week and will follow those directions, but for adult socks I made the cuff smaller like this tutorial shows.
They are so simple to make it's ridiculous, even if you don't sew I know you could make them.

here's my model
That's what works for me! For other great ideas be sure to head over to We Are That Family.


Amy said...

How cute are those!!! I don't sew but I might have to try and make a pair. So darling? What diaper is your little one wearing? We just started cloth diapering and are trying to find what brands we like the most before we buy more.

Thanks for this post!

N and N said...

She is wearing an AMP pocket diaper. We have those, Apple Cheeks and a Fuzzi Bunz. What ones are you using and what do you like??

natalie said...

Awww, adorable. I've made a few pairs, and you're right, they're so easy! :)


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