Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I love Thursday: Woodwick Candles

There is nothing quite like reading a good book, whilst cradling a cup of tea with the crackle of a wood fire in the background. Unfortunately if you are like me you have a gas fireplace which lacks that special ambiance that only a wood fire can give. Luckily for us there is the neatest little invention that I discovered a few years ago when my mom gave me a candle as a gift. Not just any candle, no no behold the Woodwick Candle!

It's wick is as you might have guessed is a thin strip of wood that crackles as it burns, I know!
It's great I have a big one for the living room and a small one that keeps me company when I am lounging in the tub.
I love Woodwick Candles!

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The said...

This is the coolest thing!! I have never heard of these. Where did you get yours?

N and N said...

If you click on the words 'woodwick' and 'candles' you will be linked to the Canadian or U.S. websites, I got mine at a local gift store.


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