Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Maritimers

In light of Amanda's post on being a true Southerner I thought I would do something similar.

I am a maritimer. Except for the first 22 months of my life and the past (almost) 3 years, I have lived in one of the wee provinces on the east coast of Canada. My parents are both from the maritimes as well as my grandparents and I'm pretty sure my great-grandparents were too so it's in the blood.

Moving out west nearly 3 years ago made me realize just how maritime I am. Maybe not so much in my accent as some, although I have my moments. (Care for some saaaaaaahlmon anyone?)

Top Ten Things I've Learned About Maritimers by Living on the West Coast

Top Ten {Tuesday}

1. We are alll about family. That is our major reason for wanting to move back is to be closer to family. There is always some kind of family event happening. Birthdays, baptisms, graduations, weddings, I got a good deal on lobster....always some reason to get together.

2. Some of us have a bit of a...twang. We drive carrrrrrs hard on the 'r' and eat saaaaaahlmon.

3. We drink tea (hot tea) or iced tea (sweet tea). There is no such thing as unsweetened cold tea, gross.

4. We don't tend to have fenced yards. Some do, and maybe it's just where I've lived, but out west just about everyone has a fenced yard.

5. We have yearly inspections on our cars. Could be because the salt air and salt on the roads in winter eats our vehicles but we have to have them inspected every year to have them on the road.

6. We use snow tires. That's not necessarily a maritime thing but all seasons are not all seasons.

7. We use salt on our roads in the winter. Where I live now they use sand on the roads (read: gravel) because it gets too cold for salt to work on ice....

8. We rarely have to replace our windshields. Out west it's a yearly thing because of #7.

9. We are very friendly and respect is huge. Funerals are usually large events and when a hurse drives by on the street all oncoming vehicles stop right where they are and pedestrians stop and remove their hats until the procession has passed. I may or may not have been nearly run over the first time I saw a funeral procession here...

10. We have fog, lots and lots of fog.

I'm sure these things are not unique to the maritimes... anyone?

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