Monday, November 15, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Pick My New Glasses

So my glasses got broken last Saturday. By my dog. While I was wearing them. My 80 lb dog.

We were heading out the door so that our real estate agent could show our house. I had finished tidying, vacuuming and was leashing our small dog when our super boisterous 3 year old chocolate lab smashed into my face, breaking my glasses.

So my glasses that I didn't plan on replacing anytime soon now need to be replaced. Here are my current top ten choices, please please help me choose!

I know glasses choice all depends on face shape, glasses shape, size etc. but let's say that these all fit my face and it is just a matter of preference...

Top Ten {Tuesday}

1.  Love L702: They are purple and pink and black and fun.
image from

2. Just Cavalli 126: Brown and stripey: kind of reminds me of a rugby shirt or maybe a root beer float.

image from

3. Just Cavalli 063: They are blue. I love blue. My wedding dress was blue.

photo from

4. Modo 5006: Simple and brown but still a little fun.
photo from

5. Kam Dhillon 3017: Pink inside, how girly and fun is that?

photo from

6. Modo 5005: lilac and texturey.
photo from

7. Love L703: Reminds me of bamboo.

photo from

8. Jones New York 608: Olive like my eyes.
photo from

9. Love L704: They say Live, Love, Laugh. Kinda like having tattoo but not permanent and without pain.

photo from

10. Cynthia Rowley 228: Remind me of Mardi Gras somehow.
photo from

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Adam O said...

#3 please.

houseofhills said...

I like #5 'cause they're sassy.

Your face must be similar to mine. Most of these would work on me too!

I will need new glasses soon....hmmmm

~~~Alana~~~ said...

I like #8... I have Olive eyes too and I like drawing attention to them. :)

mama hall said...

i like #8! they're hip & pretty, without being bulky. what a fun excuse for a new accessory :)

Eos Mom said...

I like #8 cuz they have character without being so crazy or distinct that you might tire of them; also to bring out your eyes (always a good thing). Lots of fun choices!

Cheryl said...

Ooo, I like #1 and #6!

Cafe au Mommy said...

I would pick #8, but all VERY cute!

Skip'sMKGirl said...

Looooove #6

First visit to your blog after seeing your #B90Days tweet, and now I'm huuuuungry. Wish I could eat any of the yumminess pictured in your blog header!


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