Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Baby Names

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

With less then 2 months to go for this pregnancy the most common question we get is have you decided on names? The answer is yes! We have a boy name complete with first and middle and a girl name with a middle that is less certain but we have ideas.

There are so many resources out there if you are looking for baby names or names for your dog or goldfish cause they gotta have names too right?

1. The Baby Name Wizard is my favourite baby name book of all time. It was given to me when I was pregnant with Isabel and it makes name searching fun. Names are organized into categories like Guys & Dolls and Why not? Sibling name suggestions are also given. Love it.

2. Baby Names World is a great site. It gives the meaning and has surveys from people with the name so you can read responses from people with first-hand experience.

3. Nymbler allows you to type in names that you like and get suggestions based on those names. I spent the better part of an evening sitting on the couch reading Nymbler's suggestions and vetoing them with my husband.

4.  Name Berry is another one of my most frequented baby names site. Shows current name searches and trending names.

5. The Bump has some great resources. I particularly like the baby names community forum board that allows you to post your own polls and have people vote.

6. The Baby Name Wizard site has name maps and popularity over time.

7. SSA name lists by year and state.

8.  Baby Names gives meanings and has trending names of the day on the front page. This is great of you are like me and want to avoid popular names.

9.  Your family tree. Middle names for me are a way to honor a family member so I have been using Geni to double check my grandmother and great grandmother's full names.

10. Behind the name gives meanings and popularity by country.

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Jessica said...

So many choices! Thanks for sharing!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Picking a name was one of my favorite things about being pregnant. (The constant nausea wasn't as big of a hit with me.)

E. said...

We had an easy time picking out a girl-name. But we had a brutal time deciding on a boy-name. We have a couple of girl options (with a front-runner, of course), but only managed to agree on ONE boy-name (which is actually my grandmother's maiden name).

Hang in there, I'm sure you guys will find something that perfectly suits the babe!

Unknown said...

Baby names are so much fun to pick out.
Although so much thought too.
We actually found out middle son's name through a name book. His first name anyway. All my kids middle names are named after family.


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