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Top Ten Tuesday: Tips for Healthy Eating

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings 

 March is nutrition month and as it winds down I thought it would be a good reminder to go over some tips for helping our families eat healthier.

1. Eat Carbs!
I know it goes against most of the diet hype out there but carbohydrates are not evil. Our bodies need them as fuel. Eat less filler carbs: white breads, white pastas, cakes, cookies etc and more whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

2. Fat gives us energy and is important for our brains; so don't cut it out completely. Choose lower fat options and aim for 2-3 Tbsp of unsaturated fats per day.

3. Get full on fibre.
We rarely eat enough fibre. Women should aim for 25g and men 38g per day. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and read labels to know if your food is a smart fibre choice.

4. Dairy for bones.
Milk products are key sources for calcium, vitamin D, phosphorous and magnesium. Milk is fortified with Vitamin D, it helps calcium to be absorbed. Choose low fat options but aim to consume 2-3 servings for adults and 3-4 servings for kids per day.

5. Colour your plate
Eating one dark green and one orange vegetable each day gives you a great start at rounding out your vitamins. Broccoli, spinach, yams, and carrots are great examples.

6. Drink up
Hydrate with water. Swap out juice and pop for water as much as you can. If you've increased your fibre intake it is especially important to make sure you're getting enough fluids to keep things moving :)

7. Moderation not elimination
You can still have your cakes and cookies just choose less of them on a not so often basis. A healthy diet can handle a little indulgence every once in a while especially if my your overall happiness is at risk. :)

8. Protein sources
Meat is a great source of protein, B vitamins, iron and zinc. Choose leaner cuts and trim fat. Don't forget about non-meat sources like beans, tofu, eggs and lentils. They are also good sources of protein and fibre.
I like to do a vegetarian supper twice a week to help me include non-meat protein in our diet.

9. Here fishy fishy
Eat 2 servings (2.5 oz) of fish per week. I have a hard time with this but it's important for cardiac health and brain development in kids.

10. How much?
Watch serving sizes. We tend to overestimate the amount of fruit and veggies we eat and underestimate dairy and meats. Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating gives easy to follow examples.

The great folks at Dietitians of Canada have compiled a great site chock full of nutrition tips if you're looking for more info or definitions.

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Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Really great tips for eating better! I've definitely been working on some of them, but should probably be working on all of them. ;)


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