Friday, March 6, 2009

sunny days...

Thanks for stopping by, grab a mug of something warm and get cozy in the sun.

I love the sunshine and this week has been beautiful!
On Sunday after church we had an outdoor bbq, we stood around in the sun while the kids played with snowshoes, sleds and got pulled around by a snowmobile. What a great afternoon, it was so nice to enjoy the weather outside after a long winter.

I've been able to get out and walk the dogs and still feel my fingers at the end of the walk, so nice.

Our driveway is almost clear again, the ice is melting and our car hasn't slid down the driveway in weeks!

I just can't wait for spring and I know the dogs are loving the sunny weather too. Anyone else had their fill of winter?


Reese said...

I am so glad to see spring around the corner,beautiful day here.
Have a great Friday!

Rachel Anne said...

Nice wall color!

Sorry, it's the first thing I noticed after the dogs...I love paint. In the photo it looks blue that what it is in real life and do you like it?

And speaking of paint, the winter blahs have made me seek out new color for the inside of my house. I don't quite have the courage to actually START painting, but I'm getting there.

We haven't had any snow here in Texas, much to my kids' dismay, but I admit I like the sun we have. I'd just like one or two snowfalls/year and I'd be happy.

secondofwett said...

We had a beautiful 'mild' day in Ontario....16 deg. celcius!..which is abt mid 60's F., week we're suppose to go back below freezing so I'm trying to soak in as much of this as possible!

Claudia said...

We moved south a couple of years ago with a we-do-not-go-north-in-the-winter policy so we could avoid the snow. Last weekend, however, we went to VA to see the grandkids and ended up seeing 9 inches of snow! The kids loved it, but we weren't so thrilled. Fortunately, about an hour south of there the roads were clear and the rest of the drive home was good.

Still waiting for endless sunshine, but I guess it really is still winter, isn't it?

joyceandnorm said...

I can't wait for spring either. The little one needs to get out to the park soon. But on the other hand, we really need the rain here in CA. I hear we're in a state of emergency. Drought and recession...not a great combo for us. Have a great weekend!


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